Life Initiatives

A seminar addressing the value and dignity of life of women, men, and the preborn. Presented by leaders from The Life Initiative team at Watermark covering the historical, biblical, medical, apologetic, and practical issues related to abortion

Bruce KendrickNov 2, 2019

In This Series (13)
The Gospel of John
Nathan WagnonApr 10, 2021Dallas
Bobby CrottyApr 10, 2021Dallas
1, 2, & 3 John
Brett Bruster, Mandy FigelApr 10, 2021Dallas
Anthony AndersonNov 2, 2019
Life Initiatives
Bruce KendrickNov 2, 2019
LGBTQ - A Place at the Table
Leonard Bagdonov, Hope HarrisNov 2, 2019
Engaging with Others
Derek MathewsNov 2, 2019
Responding to Abortion
Bruce KendrickFeb 23, 2019
Myths about Grief and the Bible's Answers
Mark NicholsonFeb 23, 2019
Money Woes & Biblical Wisdom
Joe Daly, Ethan PopeFeb 23, 2019
How to Love Those in Crisis
Brett & Chrisey BillmanFeb 23, 2019
A Biblical View of Hope Through Health Crisis
Jim WimberleyFeb 23, 2019
The Bible and Gender, Homosexuality, and Transgenderism
Christopher Yuan, Denny BurkSep 22, 2018