Equipping Webinar

This version of the podcast with Nathan Wagnon as host ran from 2016 to 2022. Find Watermark’s new equipping podcast wherever you stream. 

Nathan and Nika host Philip Yancey, author of over 20 books, including the bestseller "The Jesus I Never Knew", to discuss the importance of recovering an accurate image of Jesus.

Philip Yancey, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingApr 21, 2017

In This Series (21)
The Trinity
Nathan Wagnon, Scott Horrell, Karen MillicanNov 10, 2017
Moral Evil
Jeff Grandy, Nathan WagnonOct 13, 2017
How to Respond to Natural Disasters
Nathan Wagnon, Benson HinesSep 15, 2017
Tactics and The Story of Reality
Greg Koukl, Nathan WagnonAug 11, 2017
Scott Kedersha, Sarah Fultz, Nathan WagnonJul 14, 2017
Reliability of Scripture
Dan Wallace, Nathan WagnonJun 16, 2017
Kingdom and Culture
Russell Moore, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingMay 12, 2017
Philip Yancey, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingApr 21, 2017
Accidental Pharisees
Nathan Wagnon, Nika Spaulding, Sylvia BatemanMar 10, 2017
Why Are There Differences in the Gospels?
Mike Licona, Nathan Wagnon, Connor BoydFeb 17, 2017
What Is the Church and Why Church Membership?
Rob Barry, Nika Spaulding, Nathan WagnonJan 13, 2017
Christmas Webinar
Nathan Wagnon, Nika Spaulding, Sylvia BatemanDec 16, 2016
Responding to Same-Sex Issues
Hope Harris, Nathan Wagnon, Nika Spaulding, Sylvia BatemanNov 11, 2016
Is God a Moral Monster?
Dr. Paul Copan, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingOct 14, 2016
Cultural Engagement
Darrell Bock, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingSep 23, 2016
Adam Tarnow, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingAug 12, 2016
A Christian Conversation on Race
Dr. Mika Edmondson, Philip Ward, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingJul 15, 2016
Principles of Apologetics
Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingJun 17, 2016
What Is Discipleship & Who Is a Disciple?
Scott Burns, Steve Porter, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingMay 13, 2016
The Essential and Non-Essential Doctrines of Christianity
Justin Bass, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingApr 15, 2016
Principles for Growth
Blake Holmes, Nathan Wagnon, Nika SpauldingMar 18, 2016

In This Series (21)