Love Your Neighbor

In response to Christ’s call to love our neighbors, you can approach everyday encounters in eternally significant ways. Watermark’s External Focus and ministry partners have created serving and equipping opportunities for this summer and throughout the year.

Serve This Summer

Service Opportunities

Serve the City

Looking to serve? You can find a curated list of summer service opportunities to love your neighbors all over the city.

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Featured Events

Unashamed is a weekend-long discipleship event with the mission of helping believers become more effective at stepping into God’s redemptive story by living out our call to share the gospel.

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Invite your friends and neighbors for a fun evening and time of extended worship as we praise and celebrate Jesus through music.

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Outreach Areas

Men in conversation Men in conversation


Strategically seeking the good of our city

Seek the welfare of your city, and pray to the Lord on its behalf.

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Laptops open on work table Laptops open on work table


Worshipping God through our work

Discover how you can live out your faith in the workplace.

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Woman embraced by children Woman embraced by children


Taking part in God’s global mission

Discover ways to use what God has given you to support efforts around the world.

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