Watermark Music Prayer Guide: “You Are”

Watermark Music Prayer Guide: “You Are” Hero Image Watermark Music Prayer Guide: “You Are” Hero Image

What stirs your affection for the Lord? For some, it’s hiking on a mountain or watching the tide roll in on a beach at sunset. For others, it’s reading the Bible in a bustling coffee shop. Music can do the same. The combination of notes, lyrics, and melodies can pull at our heart strings and make us deeply feel the Lord’s creativity and His love for us. How astounding is it that the Lord can use even a four-minute worship song to draw us closer to Him?

With the release of Watermark Music’s debut single, “You Are,” we want to help you dig deeper into the songs you hear. It’s more than pretty sounds, it’s worship! The prayer guide below can help you focus in on biblical truth behind the lyrics of “You Are” and might encourage you to listen to other worship music differently in the future.

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You are the Shepherd king

Sovereign of everything

Your mercy and majesty

No mind can conceive it

  • Reflect on the immense power and majesty of Christ.
  • Confess the times when you try to be the king of your life.
  • Pray that we would not forget how unfathomable the Lord’s sovereignty and mercy is.

How quickly I forget

You’ve never failed me yet

How endless the reasons

For my heart to believe it

  • Reflect on ways the Lord has pulled through for you in a time of need or desperation.
  • Confess that you often forget the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness in certain circumstances and situations of your life.
  • Pray to find comfort and security only in the Lord and for strength to trust Him in every aspect of your life. (Psalm 136)

Oh what a mystery

You came and rescued me

The cross is my victory

I stand here forgiven

  • Reflect on the sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross. (1 Corinthians 15:57)
  • Confess to seeking victory and strength on your own accord.
  • Pray that we will remember that it is not in our own strength that we are victorious, but because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

How quickly I forget

Great is your faithfulness

How endless the reasons

For my heart now to sing it

  • Reflect with gratitude on the never-ceasing, steadfast love and faithfulness of the Lord.
  • Confess where you look to find love and fulfillment in the world and apart from the Lord.
  • Pray that we would not forget that the Lord’s love and mercy never ends, and that we would be reminders of God’s faithfulness and mercy (Lamentations 3:22-23) in the lives of those we interact with.

You spoke the earth in motion

You gave the breath of life

You cursed the snake in Eden

Promised a sacrifice

You rescued out of Egypt

You split the ocean wide

You shut the mouths of lions

Stood with us in the fire

  • Zoom out. Sometimes, while admiring the miracles and stories, we can forget the fact that there was one miracle maker: Jesus. Pause in adoration of the love and mercy Jesus exudes through each miracle.
  • Confess where you are not confident in what the Lord can do and then reflect on the opposing truth. (Jeremiah 32:27)
  • Thank the Lord for giving us the Bible to admire and reflect on these acts from the past. Thank the Lord for the miracles in your own life and pray for future miracles.

Through four hundred years of silence

Born of a virgin came

Jesus the one Messiah

The name above every name

Raised up in crucifixion

Laid down in Joseph’s grave

You arose in resurrection

Emmanuel, God who saves

  • Reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for us through His death on the cross.
  • Thank the Lord for this unimaginable gift of eternal life He has freely given to us.
  • Emmanuel means “God with us.” Think of the ways God is right with you every day and through every trial. Nothing can separate us from His love.

You are Holy King of Heaven and Earth

You are Lord of all unspeakable worth

You are everything you say You are

You are defender of the broken and weak

You are faithful like a father should be

You are everything You say You are

  • Reflect on the characteristics of God in this song: Sovereign, Holy King, unspeakable worth, faithful, defender.
  • Confess where you’ve doubted that the Lord is who He says.
  • Thank God for being true to who He says He is, for His consistent character, and His promises.

Listen through “You Are” again. Do you hear it a little differently this time around? It is an honest shout of praise for all God has done and who He says He is. We can rest confident that the Lord follows through on the promises in His Word. When you hear this song or other worship songs, take the time to listen to the lyrics and find biblical references and truth. Incorporating prayer with worship songs can completely flip simply listening to music into intentional time with the Lord – even in four minutes on your morning commute.