Watermark Music Prayer Guide: This Is Christmas

Watermark Music Prayer Guide: This Is Christmas Hero Image Watermark Music Prayer Guide: This Is Christmas Hero Image

This time of year, most neighborhoods and cities are filled with holiday décor and a soundtrack of nostalgic songs signaling some sort of celebration. But not everyone knows the true story and miracle of Christmas: God sent Jesus to earth as a baby (Matthew 1:23) who would then live on earth, fully God and fully human, for over 30 years to save us from sin (1 Peter 2:24) and be a perfect example for us to follow (1 Peter 2:21). When you know The Story, the grandeur of joyful music, decorations, and sparkly light displays start to feel very fitting in celebration of Immanuel, “God with us”.

This year, Watermark Music released their very first Christmas song, an original track called, “This is Christmas.” The song feels familiar and upbeat, like a children’s song, but it also intentionally tells the story of Christmas in a truth-filled way. Keep an ear open for the bridge of the song, where the fun storytelling flips into a worship song and reminds us of the solid, unfailing truth of Jesus’s birth. The guide below can help you pray through the biblical truth behind the lyrics of “This Is Christmas” as we head into the Christmas season.

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Come gather ‘round and hear the story

Come one come all and hear the sound

This lowly child born in a manger

He is the Lord, the hope of all

The star led the way, the wise men they came

The angels and shepherds, they sang...

  • Reflect on the story of Jesus’s birth in Luke 2:1-21.
  • Confess why or how you can quickly forget the purpose and meaning of celebration at Christmas. Are you distracted by gift giving and a busy schedule?
  • Pray for the Lord to align your heart with His in a season that can easily be swayed and distracted by the things of this world.

This is Christmas, the Savior is born

He is Jesus, the light of the world

Came to save us, Immanuel, God is with us

Oh, what a day, this is Christmas

- Reflect on the gift of Jesus, the light of the world (John 8:12), who came to save us from our sins.
- Confess when you have not been thankful for the ways the Lord has moved in your life.
- Pray for the Lord to give you a heart of gratefulness and reverence when you think of the story of Christmas.


Come and behold the King of glory

Fully God and fully man

The Father’s gift for our salvation

He is the Lord, the hope of all

- Reflect on the miracle and gift of Jesus coming to earth for our salvation.
- Confess where you tend to seek hope or fulfillment apart from Christ.
- Pray for the Lord to open your eyes to His glory in your daily life through Jesus, in small and big ways.


Glory to God in the highest

Glory to God in all the earth

Glory to God in the highest

Join with the angels and sing

Glory to God in the highest

Glory to God in all the earth

Glory to God in the highest

Forever and ever, we sing… Oh we sing!

  • Reflect on the sovereign power of God and the love He displayed by sending Jesus to earth.
  • Confess where you have questioned or doubted God and His glory recently.
  • Pray that God will give you strength to rejoice and sing for all He has done in your life and for the world. Pray that you will sing His praises forever, proclaiming His faithfulness to all generations (Psalm 89:1-4).

This December let’s challenge ourselves to focus on the truth of The Story to propel our festivities, decorating, and fun. God’s perfect, intricate plan for redemption and reconciliation with the world is a story and truth worth celebrating.

Join us this Christmas Eve at Watermark! Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and experience the true meaning of Christmas.