Best to Binge: Podcasts

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With less places to be these days, you may be finding extra time on your hands when you’re not working from home or spending time in God’s word. Podcasts are great ways to learn while multi-tasking! Whether you’re cooking dinner, doing chores, or out for your morning run, these staff favorites will keep your braining thinking.

From Leadership at Watermark

Did you know some really great podcasts come from our very own church body at Watermark? From previous messages to equipping and leadership podcasts, our staff leadership creates new content weekly meeting relevant topics with biblical truth.

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Business and Management

Be inspired by stories of startup companies and tips for effective business with this list of business podcasts. (and learn the origin story of Dippin’ Dots!)

Christian Life

Listen to discussions about culture, society, and life as a believer from speakers and friends of Watermark.
- Made for This by Jennie Allen
- Culture Matters – The Village Church
- Harris Creek Podcast
- The Briefing
- Fierce Marriage Podcast
- Fight Hustle, End Hurry

The Bible and Theology

Supplement your Bible studies and daily devotionals with these podcasts covering theology, apologetics, and scripture overviews.


Need some laughter? These podcasts are sure to make you smile! This list covers a variety of styles from current events, preachers wearing sneakers, and The Office rerun episodes.


If you love a good story, this list is for you! Our staff picked their favorite podcasts that tell stories or talk about stories and literature.


Hey Parents! Here’s a list of our favorite podcasts about raising children in today’s culture.

If you’re looking for other content to binge, check out our lists of favorite books, music, shows and documentaries to keep you entertained while you’re spending more time at home. There's also a list of staff-picked games and things to do at home! How have you been spending your free time as you shelter-in-place? We want to know!