Videos From The Vault

Over the last 20 years, we’ve been committed to taking God’s Word seriously. But ourselves? Not so much. Take a look at some of Watermark’s favorite videos over the last 20 years.

1. Cruise Ship vs. Battleship

Sometimes we think about church in the same way we think about cruise ships – hoping for good music, entertainment, comfort, relaxation, fun activities, and good service. We think church is meant to be more than a cruise ship. What if it as more like a battleship where the most important things are connection with the captain, conviction, instruction, a clear and noble mission, and an opportunity to serve others? It may seem a little outdated, but we’ve found this video so appropriate year after year, we’re pretty attached!

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2. me | Church

A church that offers oil changes in the parking lot?! It’s easy to focus so much on what a church can do for us, instead of focusing on a church’s true commitment to God’s word. Check out this humorous take on “shopping” for churches. This video is a staff favorite and is sure to put a smile on your face!

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3. Barry Bates: Offering Linebacker

We don’t “pass the plate” at our services, but Barry Bruce is always waiting on the bench ready to play. This throwback video is from 2007 when our church took a funny approach to the topic of tithing.

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Videos From The Vault: Realistry Edition

Ever wonder what it looks like behind the scenes at Watermark? Well, the Watermark Students “Realistry” (Reality + Ministry) series from a decade ago does not show you what it’s really like, but it does provide a lot of laughs. There are more than 60 episodes; we’ve picked just three examples to highlight.

1. Episode 28: “Prankster”

Remember, don’t leave your door (or your laptop) unlocked.

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2. Episode 30: “Catfish”

Student ministry Bible studies can go off the rails, but never that off the rails.

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3. Episode 60: “Kleenex Box”

Be careful when reaching for the last tissue in the box.

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Staff Picked Favorites:

Watermark Staff voted on their favorite vintage videos from years past. From catchy tunes and a trio of “brothers” to an intimidating baby cop, these videos are sure you make you laugh!

1. Millennials

Originally intended for a good laugh before a talk on the unique potential of Millennials at the 2016 Church Leaders Conference hosted at Watermark, this video with our friend, Micah Tyler, went viral on YouTube and now has over 6.6 million views. We apologize in advance, because this tune will be stuck in your head! M-I-L, L-E-N…!

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2. The Fake Jonas Brothers

Did you know Watermark is the home church of THE Fake Jonas Brothers? Back in 2007, members of our staff took on entirely new personas. The Fake Jonas Brothers made an appearance in 2009’s Jonas Brother’s 3D Concert Experience Movie. You can even see proof here. Watch fans meet the not-so-famous trio at a radio appearance and see if you can spot any familiar Watermark faces!

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Then, watch their music video parody for That’s Just The Way We Rock… two words: rooftop performance. We’re really hoping all of this time at home will inspire a 2020 comeback!

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3. Baby Cop

We know it's not 4B time, but this video is too good not to share again! In 2017, the 4B Baby Cop confronted David for not completing his survey. If you need a refresher on the 4B's of the Watermark Membership Covenant, click here. You've got 10 months to prepare for next year... or else!

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