Watermark Membership Covenant

Having trusted in Christ alone as my Lord and Savior, and being in agreement with the beliefs and governance of Watermark Community Church, I unite myself with the Watermark family. I commit myself to the Lord and to the other members of this local church:

Believing in Christ...

  • by living life as a fully devoted follower of Christ.
  • by affirming the inspiration, infallibility, and authority of God’s Word, as well as the other core doctrines found in Watermark’s Statement of Beliefs.

Belonging to His body...

  • by attending faithfully.
  • by dealing biblically with conflict and refusing to gossip.
  • by following the leadership in submitting myself to the care and correction of leadership should the need arise.
  • by praying for its health and impact.
  • by warmly welcoming those who visit Watermark and committing myself to community with those who attend.
  • by having a community group that will know me and help me as I seek to love God, love believers, and love unbelievers.
  • by annually filling out my Membership Renewal.

Being trained in God's Truth...

  • by committing myself to read, understand, and apply the Bible.
  • by availing myself to the tools and resources of the church, which are designed to further my understanding of and deepen my commitment to applying God’s Word.
  • by preparing myself to give a “ready defense” for my faith based on God’s Word.

Being strong in a life of ministry and worship...

  • by serving others in ministry.
  • by giving graciously as God has graciously given to me.
  • by developing relationships with non-believers.
  • by sharing my story of grace with others.
  • by praying for the salvation of non-believers with whom I have a relationship.

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