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There is a movement of God through His people east of Dallas in Rockwall. In early 2019, a few families raised their hands to be the Church in Rockwall. It started with a 2 Timothy study in a living room with ten families. And fast forward to today, we are a church making disciples and making waves in the community in Rockwall and the surrounding areas. We are living in community with one another and looking to live and love like Jesus in our city.

The Elders of Watermark have said that a healthy independent church is far greater than a healthy satellite. As such, they have prayerfully decided that Watermark Rockwall will move towards independence in two years or less. We are leading out from their decision to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community and prayerfully preparing to be His Church.

Where We Are and Where We're Going

We are a group of people from Watermark launching a church for what Rockwall needs today and going forward. We will incubate under the authority and eldership of Watermark as we raise up local leadership and Elders. As we invest in this local body of believers, we will move towards being a local, independent church. We will have the DNA of Watermark but will look at how to uniquely infuse that in Rockwall in 2021 and beyond.

We are currently connecting people through community groups, gathering in "community flocks" all across the city, and meeting for Sunday services at Cornerstone Church - 1565 Airport Rd. - in Rockwall at 4:00pm. We'd love for you to join us!

If you want to get connected, please reach out to

Please pray with us as we look at how to be the Church in Rockwall and look to unite and link arms with the other churches already in the area.

Upcoming Events