Mary Grace Long

Marriage & Family Assistant

Meet Mary Grace

Born and raised in Alabaster, Alabama, I am proud to now call myself a Texan! Maybe not by blood, but I’m definitely one at heart! Growing up I spent most of my time at the dance studio, taking weekend trips to the lake with my family, and watching an abundance of college football (War Eagle!)

I came to know the Lord at a young age, but it wasn’t until college that the head and the heart began to connect and I began to really pursue a relationship with Him daily and know Him personally. My college years at Auburn University were formative for my faith, and I credit a lot of that to the work the Lord did in my life spending my summers at the Pine Cove Shores in Tyler, TX.

After graduating from college in May of 2020, I moved to Dallas to do the Watermark Residency which deeply and severely impacted my faith and relationship with Jesus. It increased my knowledge of Him and His character, increased my awareness of my sin and my desperate need of a Savior, and increased my love for Him beyond what my words can describe. During the Residency, I also fell in love with ministry, and I consider it an honor and privilege to get to do ministry day in and day out in this role and at this church!

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