Riley Hardy

Software Developer

Meet Riley

I was born and raised in Siloam Springs, Arkansas to two Christ loving parents. I’m the middle of three kids and spent most of my highschool days going back and forth between marching band competitions and tennis matches.

Our family church was like a second home. I spent multiple nights a week at church and enjoyed the same style of community group I would later enjoy at Watermark! It was here that I gained the tools I needed to study God’s Word and began striving to live a life honoring Him. God used some really great men to show me what it looked like to be a fervent disciple of Jesus. I love watching the Bible being proven truer and truer everyday!

I studied Business Administration at John Brown University, but less than a year after graduating I discovered my true passion for web development and FELL. IN. LOVE. After moving to Dallas and attending Watermark for a couple of years, I managed to land a position on the development team as a Software Developer! I love seeing how God uses technology to further his kingdom.

If I’m not hacking away at a keyboard, you’ll probably find me chilling at a coffee shop or watching movies with my friends. My favorite movie is Tarzan. No… it’s Blade Runner! Ah, I can’t decide!

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