Ryan Gibson

Software Developer

Meet Ryan

I was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in The Woodlands, Texas. My parents raised me and my younger brothers in the church; and from an early age, I was taught the only way towards salvation was through placing my faith in Jesus. By the grace of God, I was able to understand that early on and I put my faith in Him. God also used a camp ministry called Pine Cove to really encourage me in my faith – while as a camper in middle school and as a camp counselor in college!

After graduating from Samford University in 2020, I moved to Dallas, which was rough for me since this was right at the beginning of COVID. I eventually became a member at Watermark in February 2021, and I started attending the Porch regularly around that time.

God has moved so much in my life through the Porch. Some of the things He has done includes but are not limited to helping me find community in the summer of 2021, with whom I do life with now, as well as helping me find my job here at Watermark. Both are great stories – ask me about them sometime!

Outside of doing things at Watermark, I enjoy playing guitar and piano, and I like to sing. I also am a huge computer nerd, and so I like to program… for fun. You can typically find me spending time with friends or doing something on my computer.

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