Rebekah Banks

Equipping Assistant

Meet Rebekah

I’m from the DFW area and grew up in a Christian home. What that looked like practically is from a young age I knew all the right answers and how to act morally “good”. BUT I didn’t understand that faith in Jesus was about the work He did on my behalf and no amount of my “good works” could save me. Let me tell you, a performance-based life is exhausting.

My freshman year of college I went to Passion Conference and witnessed authentic Christians who didn’t have it all together but knew the One who did, Jesus. I wanted the freedom they had. I finally trusted in the work Jesus did on my behalf and began a personal relationship with Him.

That led me to later attending Watermark after college where I got involved in community and ministries that fostered my growth in Christ. In 2023, I began serving on staff (WAHOOO!). You can catch me drinking matcha, praying for an Aggie win, or just hanging at some type of grassy knoll.

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