Kristen Baker

Frontlines Coordinator

Meet Kristen

Howdy! I grew up in North Texas and was raised on pancake Saturdays and with a love for corny jokes.

From a young age, I thought I knew who God was; I thought I could earn my way to heaven through worldly achievements and doing “good”. During this time, I would have said my salvation was dependent on some combination of works and grace.

The gospel in its full glory was presented to me at Pine Cove Camps. I was beginning to understand the depth and fullness of the Lord’s love; that I could enter an imperishable inheritance through faith alone and not by works. The Lord surrounded me with community through college and because of the His kindness, I was encouraged to attend Watermark church after graduation.

I began attending Watermark in 2018 and jumped into serving with the Frontlines team. It was here that I learned the importance and gift of hospitality in the church and what it looks like to joyfully welcome friends into our church family. In the fall of 2022, a member of my community group told me about an opening on Watermark staff. I applied and (spoiler-alert!) joined staff in December of 2022.

Today I’m a recovering perfectionist and beyond thankful that my salvation comes from a good God and not my inability to measure up to perfection. I’m incredibly thankful for the ways in which God continues to use his people to call me back to a life with Him.

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