Breakout: A Guide to Teenage Dating

DTown 2023

In a world of dating that involves much confusion, hurt, frustration, and insecurity, we can feel often discouraged. In this breakout, we are going to talk about how we can date in a way that honors God and one another.

Graham Shelby, Anna Cate ShelbyFeb 11, 2023Dallas

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Breakout: A Guide to Teenage Dating
Graham Shelby, Anna Cate ShelbyFeb 11, 2023Dallas
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About 'DTown 2023'

This year’s theme is “Built Different”. Teenagers live in a world where what’s true, embraced, and celebrated changes almost daily. The world and its views are built on an unsure, unsteady foundation, yet the requirement is for everyone to conform or suffer being considered out of step with progress or missing out on the good life. Because of this, we need to be reminded of what God says is true and be encouraged to live a life of obedience. Any teenager that embraces God’s word and ways will literally be built different from the surrounding culture. But that’s ok! Jesus reminds us that our obedience to Him results in standing strong in the face of the storms of doubt, difficulty, disapproval, and death. Every day we have the opportunity and available resources to be someone whose life doesn’t shatter in the storm, because our lives are built upon the Rock, Jesus (Matthew 7:24-27)!