Lesson 9: Saul's Failure

Women's Bible Study: 1 Samuel

1 Samuel 13 & 14

When our hearts aren’t surrendered to God, we make foolish choices; however, remarkable things can happen when the power of God is joined with the surrendered heart of one faithful follower!Life is sweeter when we seek and trust God with our whole heart!

Antoinette DavisNov 16, 2022Dallas

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Wrap Up and Review
Emily BradberryApr 5, 2023Dallas
Lesson 18: Saul's Demise
Antoinette DavisMar 29, 2023Dallas
Lesson 17: David Flees and Saul Seeks Answers
Sarah WeisingerMar 22, 2023Dallas
Lesson 16: Nabal and Abigail
Judy WimberleyMar 8, 2023Dallas
Lesson 15: David Spares Saul's Life
Sara FuscoMar 1, 2023Dallas
Lesson 14: The Priest at Nob
Gigi HornbergerFeb 22, 2023Dallas
Lesson 13: David on the Run
Jenna BittickFeb 15, 2023Dallas
Lesson 12: David and Goliath
Sarah WeisingerFeb 8, 2023Dallas
Lesson 11: David's Annointing
Emily BradberryFeb 1, 2023Dallas
Lesson 10: God's Rejection of Saul
Casey UphuesJan 25, 2023Dallas
Review Lesson 1-9
Emily BradberryJan 18, 2023Dallas
Lesson 9: Saul's Failure
Antoinette DavisNov 16, 2022Dallas
Lesson 8: Saul's Victory
Sara FuscoNov 10, 2022Dallas
Lesson 8: Saul's Victory
Callie NixonNov 9, 2022Dallas
Lesson 7: Saul's Anointing
Emily BradberryNov 2, 2022Dallas
Lesson 6: The Demand for a King
Judy WimberleyOct 26, 2022Dallas
Lesson 5: The Ark Returns
Casey UphuesOct 19, 2022Dallas
Lesson 4: The Ark is Captured
Antoinette DavisOct 12, 2022Dallas
Lesson 3: The Call of Samuel
Callie NixonOct 5, 2022Dallas
Lesson 2: Eli's Wicked Sons
Emily BradberrySep 28, 2022Dallas
Lesson 1: Hannah's Prayer
Sarah WeisingerSep 21, 2022Dallas
1 Samuel Introduction
Emily BradberrySep 14, 2022Dallas

In This Series (22)

About 'Women's Bible Study: 1 Samuel'

As we study the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David (the God-anointed king), we will see how a heart divided leads to destruction, but a heart fully surrendered to God leads to a life of faithfulness.