Habits of Grace: Reading Your Bible

Habits of Grace

God speaks to us in many different ways. One of those ways is through Scripture. We have access to see God when we read our Bibles.

Luke BarlowNov 13, 2022Dallas

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Luke BarlowNov 13, 2022Dallas
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Michael LewisNov 6, 2022Dallas


Read 2 Timothy 3:16.


  1. What do you think it means that scripture is breathed out by God?
  2. Do you view the Bible as correction, teaching, or training?
  3. What is the most difficult thing about reading your Bible? Making time for it? Understanding it? Not enjoying it?
  4. What do you often spend your time doing instead of reading the Bible? How often do you read your Bible?


Read 2 Peter 1:20-21, 1 Thessalonians 2:13.


  1. Do you feel think reading your Bible is more of a chore or an opportunity to hear from God?
  2. What would make it easier to enjoy reading your Bible more?
  3. What questions do you have about the Bible? Any particular passages? Stories?
  4. PRACTICE IT! Read John 3:16. Break down the verse. Look for the big words, phrases, and big ideas. Ask Students what they see and learn!
  5. What is one thing you can try to do this week regarding reading your Bible?

Make sure students have a Bible. If you do not have them, Watermark can give you Bibles to give to your group. Contact Parker or AC!

About 'Habits of Grace'

A habit is defined as a regular tendency or practice, and grace is an unmerited gift. In this series, we are going to look at how there are specific practices God has allowed us to partake in that truly are a gift to us. We can often think that it is through these practices or habits that we earn a relationship with God. But we will see that these habits are for our good and God’s glory.