The Four Soils + Easton Brown's Testimony

See You at the Shoreline

Shoreline is our ministry for students in grades 9-12, but why do we call it “Shoreline”? The truth is, throughout His years on earth, Jesus often taught by the shoreline. In those moments at the shoreline, many miracles, lessons, and stories were shared between Jesus and the people. This series aims to look at the life change that occurred as people encountered Jesus at the Shoreline during His life on earth and invite students to experience the life change that is taking place with Jesus at Shoreline right now.

So join us as Will McIlroy continues this series with the parable of the 4 soils and challenges us to ask ourselves what is the posture of our hearts when we receive the truth of God's word? We hope you enjoy this bonus episode!

Will McIlroyOct 13, 2022Dallas

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