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Comforting and Caring for the Hurting

We hear plenty about the ways that God remains near and present and real even in our darkest days, and that is the Truth. But in this message, we focus on one of the most fundamental ways God cares and provides for us, through His people. He gives us one another, that we would never have to walk alone as we love and serve and comfort one another. Tune in as Daniel walks us through three ways we can comfort and care for those who are hurting.

Jan 27, 2022

In This Series (2)
Comforting and Caring for the Hurting
Jan 27, 2022
Disappointment is a Universal Reality
Graham ShelbyJan 20, 2022

About 'It Be Like That Sometimes'

In this series, we seek to wrestle with the question, how do we as Christians live faithfully in a broken and fallen world full of disappointment and difficult life circumstances? The reality is, Jesus promises that in this world we will have trouble; however, He has overcome the world and thus we can trust Him. Tune in to this five week series, "it be like that sometimes"!