Massinger Celebration of Life

Special Events

Jan 19, 2022

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Massinger Celebration of Life
Jan 19, 2022
Gibson Funeral
Blake HolmesJan 10, 2022
Celebration of Life for Lauren Madeley (Full Celebration)
Afshin Ziafat, Wes ButlerSep 18, 2020
Watermark Family Prayer: Reconciliation, Unity, and Action
Beau Fournet, Todd Wagner, Davy Flowers, Brian BuchekAug 9, 2020
Dee Elliott Celebration of Life
Todd WagnerJun 15, 2018
Sherrard Celebration of Life
Todd WagnerFeb 13, 2018
Celebration of Life for Austin Silva (Message)
Todd WagnerJun 24, 2017
Celebration of Life for Austin Silva (Full Celebration)
Todd WagnerJun 24, 2017
Jennifer Clouse Memorial Service (Message)
Todd WagnerAug 12, 2016
Jennifer Clouse Memorial Service (Full Celebration)
Todd Wagner, Wes ButlerAug 12, 2016
Police Sgt. Michael Smith Funeral
Todd WagnerJul 14, 2016