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When thoughts and feelings of insecurity are a driving force in our life, life is marked by worry, striving, anxiety and despair. When we are secure, life is marked by freedom, peace and joy. In this message, we examine three faulty beliefs that lead to toxic, insecure thoughts, how to identify them, and the truth about God that equips us to confront and correct them.

Ryan GarrahanNov 4, 2021Dallas

In This Series (3)
Jacob AlgerNov 11, 2021Dallas
Ryan GarrahanNov 4, 2021Dallas
Battle Tactics
Graham ShelbyOct 28, 2021Dallas

About 'Inside Voices'

Statistics tell us we have 60-80,000 thoughts per day, 85% of which tend to be negative, 95% of which are repeated from the day before. Whether it’s causing you to do something or keeping you from doing something – our thoughts can drive us crazy and ultimately influence our life choices. This series, Inside Voices, will equip students on how to deal with the unseen thoughts that affect so much of who we are.