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Should I Date in High School?

After listening to this sermon, we want students to analyze their own life. We want them to ask the hard questions. Am I healthy enough? If not, how can I become healthy? Our hope is that students would feel a healthy conviction, but also great encouragement regarding dating.

Will McIlroyNov 3, 2021Dallas

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Should I Date in High School?
Will McIlroyNov 3, 2021Dallas
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Jermaine HarrisonOct 6, 2021Dallas
How do we know this isn’t all made up?
Jermaine HarrisonAug 25, 2021Dallas

About 'I'm Glad You Asked'

Whether you’ve grown up in church, or just started today, doubt & questions about Christianity are a normal part of the experience. Thankfully, God’s word, world & people are here to help. If you’ve ever had doubts or questions, this series is for you!