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Marriage-able feat. Jeff Bethke

When it comes to dating, who is going to make you look more like the image of God? What does “made in the image of God” really mean? In this message, we study Genesis 1 to learn what to look for when heading toward marriage.

Jefferson BethkeAug 31, 2021

In This Series (5)
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David MarvinSep 21, 2021
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JD RodgersSep 14, 2021
Marriage-able feat. Jeff Bethke
Jefferson BethkeAug 31, 2021
Is He Dateable?
JD RodgersAug 24, 2021
Are You Dateable?
David MarvinAug 17, 2021

About 'Dateable'

Is he dateable? Is she dateable? Are you dateable? In this series, we dive into what makes one ready and able to date in a way that honors God.