Pillars: God's Got This


In the aftermath of the election, our country is experiencing a variety of uncomfortable feelings and unanswered questions. Where the world can look at these moments and feel confusion, curiosity, or chaos, God has given us a different perspective. When we rest in God's sovereignty, we can grow in His grace as we go and serve others regardless of the situation.

Kyle KaiglerNov 8, 2020Plano

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Pillars: God's Got This
Kyle KaiglerNov 8, 2020Plano
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About 'Pillars'

God has given humanity three institutes to stabilize and sustain a society: the government, the Church, and the family. When we look at our country today, the government is divisive, the family is being redefined, and the church is largely weak and ineffective. As we enter into an election season, we want to see how these pillars are meant to function and our role in strengthening them.