Chasing Labels


Jacob AlgerOct 11, 2020

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Sean HillOct 4, 2020

Discussion Questions

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  1. Despite the fact that God has already given us the unique “label” of Imago Dei, all of us still chase after other labels (being popular, athletic, smart, funny, etc.). What are some of the 'labels' that you chase after?

  2. Read Numbers 16:1-11. In this passage, Korah is guilty of chasing other 'labels' that God hadn't given him. What causes us to chase other labels outside of what God has already given us?
    (Most often it is our Pride, Insecurity, and Discontentment.)

  3. What happens when we let insecurity, pride, or discontentment control the way that we live? Which of those most often controls you?
    (Insecurity leads to compromise, Pride leads to destruction, and Discontentment leads to exhaustion.)

  4. The labels that we desire are never enough for us. Why do you think we are unsatisfied even when we achieve the labels we chase after?
    (Read Ecclesiastes 3:11 - God has placed eternity in our hearts; only He can satisfy us.)

  5. When is a time that you’ve achieved something you thought would satisfy you, but you were left wanting more?

  6. Read Numbers 16:8-11. By chasing other labels, Korah was rejecting the label that GOD had already given him. What are some labels God has already given us?
    (Imago Dei; Child of God - 1 Jn. 3:1; Loved by God - Romans 5:8, etc.)

  7. How would our lives change if we received the labels that God has given us?
    (We'd live with confidence, peace, and joy that leads to lasting satisfaction - Read Ps. 16:2, 11. John 6:35, and Ps. 107:9)

About 'Labeled'

In our lives, we often attempt to find value, significance, and worth in the labels we wear or those given to us, but the reality is all of us have been labeled by God as His image-bearers, given unique value and worth by Him.