You Asked For It: Guilt & Shame

You Asked For It

This week we explore what God's word says about Guilt and Shame. "You asked for it" is a series birthed by demand at WAKE, as students ranked what they'd love to learn about we took the votes to 4 unique messages.

Sean HillMar 24, 2019

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You Asked For It: Guilt & Shame
Sean HillMar 24, 2019
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Jacob AlgerMar 17, 2019
Jacob AlgerMar 10, 2019

About 'You Asked For It'

You Asked For It” is a series birthed by demand. We on the WAKE Staff polled students to see what should be the next thing we teach. From you, the students we walked away with several topics relevant to your everyday battles that we needed to take to God’s word.