The Biblical Role of a Wife

The View Ahead: Watermark's Marriage Conference 2007

Jeanie Cox addresses the wives, and contrasts the world?s ?Fairy Tale? view of marriage with what God, through the Bible, says about it. She explains that the wife?s role is to complement, not to compete, with their husband. Wives should also encourage and pray for their husbands in order to become, as Genesis 2:18 says, ?a helper suitable for him.?

Jeanie CoxOct 13, 2007

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The Biblical Role of a Wife
Jeanie CoxOct 13, 2007
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About 'The View Ahead: Watermark's Marriage Conference 2007'

God's Word is clear: Marriage is more than staying undivorced or sticking it out until "death do us part". The Lord has a divine plan for marriage - a desire for us to achieve oneness and for our marriages to point others to the fingerprints of a sovereign Creator. A great tool both for couples and community groups, the messages in this set offer insightful teaching and practical "next steps" for your marriage. We hope you'll enjoy the time you spend learning and growing together as you pursue the oneness God intends.