An UNCOMMON Challenge

UNCOMMON Marriage Conference: Main Sessions

Even greater than "Remembering When" is the challenge to "Imagine If". Imagine if our marriage relationships caused the world to ask why our marriages were different. Imagine if we lived out our marriages in a way that caused the world to believe in Christ.

Todd WagnerFeb 16, 2013
Proverbs 19:14

In This Series (6)
What's Your Tone When Things Are Going Wrong?
Ted LoweFeb 16, 2013
Main Session 4b - When God Changes One Marriage
Raeul Cox, Susan CoxFeb 16, 2013
Main Session 3 - An UNCOMMON Design
Kyle Thompson, Lucina ThompsonFeb 16, 2013
Main Session 2d - Four Characteristics of Couples Who Do Well
John McGeeFeb 16, 2013
Main Session 2c - A Marriage Porn Apart
Jonathan PokludaFeb 16, 2013
An UNCOMMON Challenge
Todd WagnerFeb 16, 2013