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Community Formation

Looking for a community group? Join us at Community Formation to join a Men's or Women's Community Group!

Community Formation happens every Sunday morning. It's an opportunity to connect with other Watermark Members of the same gender and in the same life stage who are also seeking to form a community group.

Once you have completed the Membership process, you can jump in any time, but we ask that you join us for at least three sessions in order to be placed in a group and keep coming back until your group is ready to kick off!

Do I need to be a member to attend?
Yes, the formation process is for individuals at Watermark who have completed every step of the Membership process, except finding a community group. For more about the Membership process, go to

Who typically attends Community Formation?
New Members who have recently completed the Membership process will jump directly into Community Formation. Existing Members may also join the Community Formation process if their group is looking to add members, or if their group has recently disbanded.

What will Community Formation look like?
Every Sunday has three components: connecting, teaching, and discussion. Each week, we’ll give you a chance to connect with others in your same life stage, hear teaching on topics related to biblical community and life, and discuss what you’re learning in a small group setting.

When does Community Formation happen?

Community Formation is held every Sunday at 9:00 am in the East Tower 1st Floor.

Is there Kids’ Ministry?

Yes, normal Kids’ Ministry will continue to be held during the 9:00 am service.

How often do I attend?
In order to be placed in a group, you will need to attend at least three Community Formation sessions and keep coming back until the group is ready to kick off. We will form groups once we have enough eligible people and an identified leader.

Questions? We’d love to help! Contact Joey Tisdale or Stephanie Browne for more information.

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