Stuff We Like - November 2017 Edition

Stuff We Like - November 2017 Edition Hero Image Stuff We Like - November 2017 Edition Hero Image

While we certainly hope you enjoy and benefit from the blog posts written by the marriage team and leaders at Watermark, we know many other sites also release excellent and helpful relationship content.

In today’s post, we share a handful of marriage/relationship-centric posts we think you’d enjoy that will help you grow your marriage and help you better lead other couples.

1. It seems like most couples we come across struggle in their prayer life. Maybe they do well on their own as individuals, but many married couples have trouble establishing a prayer life together as a couple. Ryan Frederick, from Fierce Marriage, shares 6 Ideas For Unified Prayer in Your Marriage. He answers the questions why and how you should pray with your spouse. He provides six practical suggestions for you to help grow your prayer life.

2. We had some troubles with the link on this post from a few weeks ago, so we wanted to share it again. In this post, Ryan Nixon, Director of re|engage at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, shares 11 Lessons He Learned During a 30-Day Technology Challenge. Everyone can learn something from this list!

3. Just about every individual and couple we know is affected by pornography. In his post "Why Do We Give In To Porn?,” Christopher Asmus answers the question of why we give in to sin even when we know it’s wrong and is a slap in the face to the God of the universe. He says, "We use pornography only when we fail to see the goodness and glory of God in his present-moment actions towards us, and for us. We choose to sin only when we are blind to what God is doing to us, and for us in the very moment we choose to sin.” Click here to read more.

4. Borne out of his jealousy of a couple in his Weight Watchers group, Scott Kedersha, Director of Marriage Ministry at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, challenges couples to question whether or not they’re on mission together. Do you use your time and gifts? Do you serve others or only help yourself?

5. One of our favorite authors is Gary Thomas. In this great post, Thomas writes to couples with young kids: Young Husband: It Might Not Be Her, It Might Be Her Situation. He addresses husbands who expect their wives to be more than any one woman could possibly be while raising their kids. Bottom line: "young husband, be gentle with your wife while she figures all this out. Don’t let a very exhausting decade or two define your marriage or her."

6. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years right around the corner, Blake Mankin shares Twenty Guiding Principles For a Values-Driven Holiday Season. He provides practical suggestions for you to be thoughtful and intentional about the holidays. We think you’ll be challenged and encouraged by his thoughts and suggestions.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Marriage Team at Watermark. We’re so grateful for you! Philippians 1:3-6.