Second Coming: Sermon Guide

Second Coming: Sermon Guide Hero Image Second Coming: Sermon Guide Hero Image

The following blog post contains notes and application questions from our September 23, 2018 message, The 7: The Second Coming. This message is part of our series, "The 7." See other messages in this series.


Can we know the day and time of Jesus’ return to earth as promised in Scripture? How can we best prepare for the second coming? Are we judged by our works? As we wrap up our series, “The 7,” Todd Wagner teaches us about the second coming of Jesus Christ, answering these three questions and more.

Key Takeaways

Watermark’s Belief Statement – Second Coming

We believe in the future, visible, and bodily return of Jesus Christ to the earth, commonly called the Second Coming, to rule the nations and establish His kingdom on earth (Philippians 3:20; Matthew 24:15-31; Zechariah 14:4-11; Revelation 19:11-21).

  • Watch yourself more than you watch for signs. You should be more concerned with yourself than with the details and dates of Christ’s return.
  • If you don’t believe in the literal return of Jesus Christ, you don’t believe in the biblical Jesus.
  • There is nothing that needs to happen prophetically or biblically for Christ to take (rapture) His people.
  • Salvation is always by grace through faith, and judgment is always by works.
  • How you determine your eternal home and your eternal honor are two very different things.
  • Where there is an unequal distribution of gifts, there are equal rewards. Where there is an equal distribution of opportunity, there is a variance of rewards.
  • The answer to your first prayer in heaven—“Lord, let me serve you on earth for one more day”—is granted to you right now.

What are the implications for the second coming of Jesus in your life today?

  • It means living with an eternal perspective is not only sane, it is exceedingly wise.
  • It means if you are a follower of Christ this world is your hell.
  • It means if you are unwilling to submit to Christ you are already experiencing your heaven.
  • It means living for His pleasure is the wisest thing you can possibly do.
  • It means His is the only opinion that matters and waiting for Him to reveal His goodness and sovereign rule is worth it.
  • It means we are not crazy singing it is well with my soul.
  • It means putting your hope in temporal things is foolish.
  • It means loving God and others is all that matters.
  • It means if you love someone you cannot keep quiet about Jesus.
  • It means if you haven’t reconciled with Him now is the day.
  • It means we are wise to trust in Jesus because when we go to be with Him we are going to join Him in life

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  • What the Lord does for us is never just for us. You have been blessed to be a blessing to others. How has this proven itself in your life today? In the last week?
  • Where in life are you most prone to wander? Most prone to live contrary to God’s revealed will in Scripture? How can you—by God’s grace and strength—take ground in this area as you prepare yourself for the days ahead?
  • If you believe this world is not your home and that you will live forever somewhere, then the wisest thing you can do is to live for your eternal home. Does how you steward your time, talents, and treasure communicate to a watching world that you are preparing for eternity? If not, how can you tangibly change that and better live for eternity sometime within the next week