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We hope this message encouraged, equipped, and empowered you to lead your children in crucial conversations on sex and purity.

For more guidance, check out these resources:

  • Parenting Conversations: Sex and Purity – This is the handout that was available at the end of the message. It suggests principles to follow when having these conversations, a basic timeline of when to cover what topics, and recommended resources that can help you as you do.
  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex: A series of blog posts with more extensive discussions of the conversations you'll want to have at the various life stages of your child. It includes specific scripts you can use as conversation starters.

All of these conversations can be framed within an understanding of a Biblical worldview, which is simply:

  • God created everything.
  • Everything God created is good
  • Sin marred God's creation
  • God redeemed creation through Jesus
  • God will restore creation

Within this framework, we said that there are five main messages on sex and purity we must teach our children repeatedly:

1. God created sex and it is good.

2. God's good design for sex is:

  • Meant for marriage
  • Meant for man and woman
  • Meant for mutual intimacy and enjoyment
  • Meant for multiplication
  • Meant as a model for our relationship to Jesus

3. Sin corrupted sex and lies to us.

4. The gospel of Jesus redeems our sexuality. It reveals our brokenness, forgives our rebellion, defines our path forward, and empowers our obedience.

5. Jesus is coming again!

Lie #1: Sex is limited to “going all the way.”

Lie #2: Sex can serve whatever purpose I choose.

Lie #3: Sex leads to love.

Lie #4: Sex can be safe.

Most of this information and a fuller description of it can be found in "Exposed: Naked Truth about Sex"in our Junior High curriculum.

During our conversation with the elders, some additional resources were mentioned that we wanted to make sure you had access to:

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