Preschool Kit for June 6

Preschool Kit for June 6 Hero Image Preschool Kit for June 6 Hero Image

New to the Kit or looking for helpful hints on how to use it? Check out the Kids Kit Tips and Tricks - Preschool Edition where we share detailed instructions about the resources below.

Our goal for preschool curriculum is to build a foundation of biblical knowledge so preschoolers will know the major stories of the Bible and how they fit together into God’s big story. Our curriculum is organized into 12 units and we teach the major stories of the Bible in mostly chronological order. Each week there is a Teaching Truth which is the most important thing we want kids to hear and learn about God and His Story that week.

This Week's Teaching Video

Additional Resources for June 6

  • Discussion Guide Continue the conversation with your preschool kids using these simple questions
  • Activity Guide Hands-on activities for preschoolers to help reinforce this week’s Teaching Truth
  • Memory Verse Song Help kids learn the memory verse through song
  • Preschool Spotify Playlist A playlist of some of our favorite songs
  • Special Needs Kit We know some of our amazing kids have special needs or other learning challenges. Here are tools to help you share the Bible story in a simple way with your child.

More ways to have a great week of worship...

Use these activities to keep talking about and applying what you learned this weekend throughout the week.

1. Worry Box

SUPPLIES: Old cardboard box or shoe box, paper, markers, various craft supplies

Work together with your child to make a “Worry Box.” Find an old cardboard box and decorate the outside of it with whatever crafts supplies you have. On the cover of the box write, “God’s people do not need to worry.” Explain that whenever you feel worried or anxious, you can write or draw your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. Pray to God about the worry you put on your paper. Then put your worry inside the box and tell God that you trust Him with it. Thank God for being in charge of everything and for caring for you.

2. Birds Don't Worry

SUPPLIES: Toilet paper roll, tissue paper, construction paper, marker, tape, glue, string

Make a bird with your child to help remind them that God’s people do not need to worry. Take some construction paper and cut out two “wings” for you bird. Tape them on either side of your toilet paper roll. Cut out a small beak and tape it to the bird’s head, then draw two eyes. Next, take a few small pieces of tissue paper, crumple them up, and help your child glue them to the outside of the toilet paper roll to be the bird’s feathers. You can tie a string around the bird and hang it up to remind you that God cares for the birds, and He cares for us, too!

3. Edible Flowers

SUPPLIES: Carrot or celery sticks, berries, banana or apple slices

Have fun with your child at snack time by making “flowers” with your snack of fruits and veggies. Use carrot or celery sticks for the stems, berries for the centers, and strawberry, apples or banana slices for the petals. Talk with your child about what Jesus taught in Matthew 6:19-34. Remind your child that that the flowers do not worry because God takes care of them. We are even more important than the flowers and God promises to take care of us, too! That is why God’s people do not need to worry.