Discussion Questions: August 27, 2017

Discussion Questions: August 27, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: August 27, 2017 Hero Image


Are you stuck? This weekend, JP walked us through Acts 15:36-16:5. While this passage of Scripture is descriptive and not prescriptive, JP showed us how God can move us forward on mission despite us being stuck. God doesn’t give us permission to get stuck or to stay stuck, but there is hope that He can use us in our mess, and there is hope for us to get out of our mess.

Discussion Questions

  1. “A lack of commitment is a mark of immaturity. Breaking your commitments and not making commitments is not honoring to God. However, when you’re stuck in immaturity, God can move you back on mission. It’s not too late to act in faithfulness, to honor your commitments, and to ask for forgiveness…to get back on track.” Where in your life—work, family, church, community group, friends—are you most likely to not keep your commitments? Ask your community group to help you figure out why this is the case, and then, ask for accountability moving forward to honor your commitments.
  2. “When you are stuck in conflict, God can move you back on mission. Conflict is a constant opportunity to glorify God.” When you hear the word “conflict” what comes to mind? How was conflict modeled for you growing up? Identify one way you can get better at addressing and handling conflict in your life, and then determine if there is any unresolved conflict you need to go resolve. Check out the Conflict Field Guide for further help in resolving conflict biblically.
  3. “When you are stuck in family dysfunction, God can move you back on mission. Whatever your family dysfunction is, it doesn’t disqualify you. There are things in our lives that remind us of who we were before we knew Jesus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t move forward in faithfulness.” This week, identify and share an area of family dysfunction you experienced growing up with your community group. Ask them to give you feedback on how that affects you today and how you can learn and grow—move forward in faithfulness—from that dysfunction moving forward.

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