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Changed Lives

Changed Lives Hero Image Changed Lives Hero Image

Changed lives, restored relationships and renewed faith – stories like this were shared by hundreds of people last Sunday as believers publicly declared their faith in Christ through baptism. From marriages saved from the brink of divorce to lives restored as the chains of sin were broken, the power of God’s unconditional love was demonstrated as testimonies of life-transformation were shared on every Watermark campus. This is just a handful of the many lives that have been changed through faith in Christ. We’ll share even more next week.

“To hear that God was a good Father and that He loved me was overwhelming. My relationships growing up were marked by physical abuse and emotional instability. I don’t remember feeling loved by others and always believed I was never good enough for their love. I did everything in my power to earn other’s approval and respect but always thought I was falling short. Trying to fill the void, I lived in a world of pornography, alcohol and sex. I thought if I did enough good things to balance out my reckless behavior, I might have a shot at heaven. I went to Sunday School when I was younger and heard about Jesus. But in 2013 I walked into Watermark and my life changed as I was introduced to Ephesians 2:8-9. After understanding that it was Christ’s work on the cross that saved me, not my own, I felt a heart-change and freedom like never before. The weight of my sin has been lifted, and the void in my heart has been filled. I now know joy and a true, everlasting love in my Heavenly Father.” – Justin Hajek

“I grew up in the church, hearing about God but having no clear understanding of who Jesus was. My mom tried her best to explain the gospel to me, but my selfishness kept me from opening my heart to her words. After years of addiction to sex, pornography, partying and alcoholism, I was sure that God wanted me to fail because I couldn’t follow all of the ‘rules’ of Christianity. I always saw myself making church a priority some day when I became an adult. Then I realized that I was an adult who was lost, anxious, and depressed despite all of my efforts to be ‘good’. I had a dream one day, and it led me to The Porch on February 2. It was there that I heard the gospel clearly. That night I chose eternal life over death. Once enslaved to people-pleasing and worshipping relationships, I have been set free from my selfishness and now live devoted to Christ and His kingdom.” – Elizabeth Ulrich

“The ministry of re:generation is where God started to heal my heart of worldly pleasures and hurt. It is also where He was preparing me for a new heartache. My grandmother told me about Jesus when I was a child, but I didn’t know the story to be any truer than the fairytales and fables that were read to me. The result of a challenging and difficult childhood left me unable to trust others and the need to control everything and everyone around me. After two failed marriages, I thought I had found a savior in my third marriage. Once I heard that Christ died for me and He loved me, I was ready to give Him my all. My life doesn’t always look like how I want it to, but I am trusting God wholly that He is holding me and protecting me in this season.” – Melissa Marshall

“I knew Christ had died on the cross for my sins, but didn’t have a clear understanding of what that meant. I spent my college years seeking the approval of others, finding my worth in the party scene. My life was out of control, yet I was trying desperately to keep it all together. After college I was empty, lacking contentment in every area of my life. I moved to Dallas thinking it was for my job, but God had other plans for me. On the airplane flight I met some girls from Watermark who invited me to the Porch. Upon attending I heard the gospel explained clearly for the first time. I was unsure if I was ready to take the leap, but it was becoming more and more obvious that the state of my life wasn’t fulfilling or satisfying. Going on the Launch retreat with the Young Adults ministry was my turning point. Through the messages and worship, God softened my heart to accept His grace and love. I am now filled with a burning desire to know Him deeper and make Him known. I am now more content than ever in every aspect of my life and have placed all my trust in Him to direct my paths.” – Kate Meyer