Episode 305: Hero of Intentionality

The Collective Podcast

About This Episode

Episode 36 • Mar 23, 2022 people Callie Nixon

We are called to love one another sacrificially and today we are joined by our Hero of Intentionality, Alexandra Housley, who demonstrates just that. You don't want to miss her encouragement to love those around us with a depth that can only come from our dependence on Jesus.

Scripture Reference:
* Matthew 22:37-39
* John 13:34-35
* Hebrews: 10:24-25
* 1 Peter 1:22
* Hebrews 10:24-25

Intentional questions:
* How is your marriage?
* Have you been on a date lately?
* What has been hard for you this week?
* What has been good this week?
* How/where are you struggling with your kids?