What is Biblical Change?

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Episode 114 • Apr 30, 2024 people

In this episode, hosts Oren and Caitlin introduce Dr. Jeremy Pierre, who spoke at Watermark’s Training Day, to discuss biblical change and counseling others through Ephesians 4.  Part I: Introduction (00:00-02:11)  The Billy Graham School at The Southern Theological Seminary  Dr. Pierre’s books: The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life, The Pastor and Counseling, When Home Hurts, How Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?, God With Us   Part II: What is biblical change? (02:11-13:41) Handout from Training Day Biblical Change: The people of God changing together and acting to change one another   Scripture Mentioned: Ephesians 4:1-16  Part III: Christ causing growth in His people (13:41-27:21) Christ calls us to Him and gives us what we need to change  If your answer to “who changes us” starts with you, you’re always going to fail Christ gives us grace, nothing we’ve earned but what He earned  Christ gives us leaders and pastors to labor for the Church’s good and to equip the saints for ministry We’re freed from the dominance of sin, meaning we don’t have to sin  Scripture Mentioned: John 10:27  Part IV: Christ’s people cause growth in one another’s lives (27:21-39:12) We are the means through which Christ completes change in us  False Doctrines: anything false about God or His design for human life  We must use discernment and speak the truth in love The truth is the Gospel, which we should remind each other of often We often need others to tell us truth as it is the means through which Christ changes us  Part V: Different kinds of ministry (39:12-42:03) Public Ministry: everything we do when we gather together Private Ministry: your walk with God as an individual  Personal Ministry: interpersonal relationships in which people speak to one another in the various scripture models (encourage, comfort, etc.)  ____   Learn more about Watermark Community Church at watermark.org  Follow along with Watermark  Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter