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Episode 106 • Oct 31, 2023 people

In this episode, hosts Oren Martin and Caitlin Van Wagoner are joined by Watermark's Director of Membership Ethan Moehn, as they discuss the historical significance of the Protestant Reformation, including the events surrounding it, why it was necessary, and its impact on our lives today. Part I:  00:47-02:30What was the Reformation?
The Reformation: A historical event that brought about happiness in the church because it had recovered the gospel. 
Extra Resources: 

3 Things Every Christian Should Know About the Reformation 

What is Reformation Day? 

Stephen J. Nichols, Reformation ABCs: The People, Place, and Things of the Reformation–from A to Z 
 Part II: 02:30-03:58Why should I care about Church history and how is the Reformation relevant today?
Extra Resources: 

Why Study Church History? 

Podcast: “5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols”  
 Part III: 03:58-13:36Why was the Reformation needed? What led to the Reformation? Who were the key figures in the Reformation?
“I defy the pope and all his laws. If God spare my life many years, I will cause a boy who drives the plough to know more of the Scripture than the pope” – William Tyndale 
Extra Resources: 

Why Was the Reformation Necessary? 

The History of the Reformation 

Steven J. Lawson, The Bible Convictions of John Wycliffe 

Who Was William Tyndale? 

Who Was John Huss? 
 Part IV: 13:37-26:06What happened during the Reformation?
Extra Resources: 

Who Was Martin Luther? 

How the Reformation Spread 

What is the Gutenberg Bible? 

Steven J. Lawson, The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther 
 Scripture Mentioned: 
Isaiah 55:11  
John 6:68 
 Part V: 26:07-31:50What effect after did the Reformation have ?
Extra Resources: 

The Reformation of Worship 

The Council of Trent 

9 Things You Should Know About the Council of Trent 
 Part VI: 31:50-40:00Why is it important for modern-day Christians to understand the Reformation?
Extra Resources: 

Jason K. Allen, Sola: How the Solas Are Still Reforming the Church 

What Are the Five Solas? 

What Is the Church?  

Kirsi Stjerna, Women and the Reformation  
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