How to Operate Under Leadership You Don't Respect

Church Leadership Podcast

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Episode 146 • Jan 10, 2024 people John McGee, Ashley Lawrence

At some point, most of us will end up working under someone we don't see eye-to-eye with. In this week’s Church Leadership Podcast, Watermark Resources Project Coordinator Ashley Lawrence breaks down how examining your motivation and mindset can empower you to take the right action steps.

Actionable Steps:
1. Be a champion, not a criticizer
- Are you gossiping and complaining or praying for your leadership and bringing solutions?
- Commit to put effort behind the decision that was made, even if it wasn't your first choice.
2. Receive and give feedback
- We need to be able to receive feedback before we can give it.
- It's important for leaders to have people in their corner who can tell them the hard truth. Be one of those people.
- When you have feedback, always ask "Can I ask you a question" or "Are you open to feedback?"
- It's not loving to withhold feedback from people you care about, if you love your leadership, help refine them.
3. Assume the best about your leadership team
- If you consistently negatively interpret their actions or motives, that's only going to make you more bitter
4. Find people that are thriving
- Who around you is highly motivated, loves what they do, and wants to encourage others?
- Ask these people questions and learn from them!
- If you don't have anyone like this around you, be the catalyst! It's contagious.
5. Pray constantly
- If you feel frustrated by your leadership team, pray for them - it's much harder to be bitter towards someone when you pray for them.