Mariana Ross

Kids Midweek Operations Coordinator

Meet Mariana

I was born in LA but quickly made my way to Dallas, TX by the age of 1. I grew up around North Dallas area and did not stray far when choosing to attend TCU for college. As the oldest of 5 kids, I grew up wanting to please my parents, teachers and God with my good behavior and works. After college, I was serving in with high school students at my church when a group of friends invited me to the Porch. It was here that I heard the gospel for the first time and fell in love with Jesus and realized salvation was a free gift and so was His love, grace and mercy! I was no longer living in the bondage of guilt and shame for my sin or past failings. I met my husband Joshua Ross online in 2017 not knowing he was also attending Watermark at the same time.

I am a dietitian by trade and have worked in pediatrics and in hospitals for the last 8 years of my career. Being a dietitian, I am truly passionate about food and eating! You can catch me cooking up a new recipe or trying a fun new food spot in town!

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