Shane Rasch

Marriage Ministry Coordinator

Meet Shane

My name is Shane Rasch, pronounced “rash” (think irritation of the skin). My wife and I are both originally from Kansas (Go Chiefs!) but met in college at Oklahoma State. I grew up an only child and always kept others at arm’s length, but after experiencing the unconditional love of Christ and His people I’ve become passionate about community within the church. I currently serve with the Marriage Team here at Watermark, helping engaged and seriously dating couples prepare for marriage through Merge and 2-on-2 mentoring. I am also SLOWLY working on a degree at Dallas Theological Seminary!

Church was never a part of my life growing up, so I focused on other things instead: school, sports, and social life. This carried over into college, but no matter how many boxes I checked I never seemed to be any happier. It was at this time that two older guys in my fraternity began to talk with me about God, sin, and how Jesus had come to give me life. The world continued to fail me as Jesus became more and more captivating, and before long I was bought in. Pretty shortly after that, I experienced how rewarding it was to help others find the life in Christ and freedom from sin and shame that I had experienced. After college I served with a campus ministry for 6 years, and then came to Dallas to attend seminary. I found Watermark through some friends who recommended the Institute and have been reaping the benefits of authentic community ever since!

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