Kimberly McNiece

Financial Controller

Meet Kimberly

A native of beautiful Abilene, TX, I grew up in tight-knit Christian family with a dad that tells the best jokes, a mom that can sew anything, and the most thoughtful older sister (although she showed no mercy during childhood Easter egg hunts!).

Despite growing up in the church, believing in God, and being convinced I needed a Savior, I had no genuine desire for God. Anytime the gospel was shared I would be reduced to tears of frustration. Trusting God’s goodness and grace seemed easy to those around me, but in my own heart I felt resistant to surrender over control of my life. My honest prayer during this time was: “God, I want to want you.” One day, after years of wrestling, someone shared the gospel and the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see Jesus as he truly was – my Shepherd. I finally understood He was gracious, trustworthy, loving, and the One who had not only died to save me, but would offer his strength to keep and sustain my faith. I gave him my life at that moment. Ever since then it’s been a journey of me being imperfect, and God’s goodness and mercy continuing to cover that. And laughs. There have been many laughs along the way.

When I’m not crunching numbers, you can find me traveling with my sister, sipping on a cortado, scuba diving, enjoying the symphony, running the Katy Trail, grabbing dinner with friends, attempting a barre class, or reading half a book.

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