Haley Stringer

Kids Volunteer Coordinator

Meet Haley

Hey y’all!

I have a fierce sense of state pride (Texas forever, y’all!). I enjoy the outdoors, coffee, college football (Hook ‘em!), and reading. I love to sing (if you can call it that - most would say I’m on the joyful noise end of the spectrum) and dance. I’m a firm believer that anyone can dance - you just need to act confident! If you’re looking for some moves, just ask me - I’d be happy to share some with you!

Growing up, my family went to church every Sunday but we never discussed our faith outside of that. I would have told you I was Christian – but had no idea what that meant. My identity was wrapped up in my performance in school and sports, relationships, and the approval of others. During my last semester of college, I found myself alone and depressed.

During a conversation with my sister, I asked her how she was able to be joyful all of the time, even when things weren’t going her way. She said it was because of Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for her. She encouraged me to start praying and reading my Bible. Because I had nowhere else to turn, I did what she said and started to form a relationship with God. After graduating college and moving back to Dallas, I started attending Watermark. I jumped right into community group and serving in Crossroads 45 (our ministry for 4thand 5thgraders). Over the next couple of years, I continued to learn more about how loving our God is and to deepen my relationship with Him and His people.

My life now looks radically different because of Christ – my life is marked by joy and laughter. Life with Jesus is the most fun!

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