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Equipping Online Courses FAQs

Can someone take a course any time they want? When do the Equipping Online Courses meet?

The format of the courses requires an official start and end time, which means that a learner cannot start a course whenever they choose. However, within the course registration, learners will choose whichever course they would like to take, and the flexibility that is offered is the convenience of not having to come to a specific building at a specific time. Learners have the ability to progress through the content (within the 7 weeks of the course window) at a location that is best for the learner, and during the day/week/weekend that is convenient for each individual learner. The discussion is ongoing, so learners can participate in discussion questions throughout the week, listen to the material and view the content in a flexible manner that relates to the learner's individual schedule, within the 7 weeks of the course window. If an entire Community Group would like to take a course together, please reach out to your Community Shepherd and email

How long is each course?

There is 6 weeks of content that each learner has 7 weeks to finish.

Is there a specific order to take the Equipping Online Courses?

The list provided is in the order that is recommended to take the courses in, however, it is a recommendation. Click here for all courses offered.

How does a learner get access to the course material?

First, register for an Equipping Online Course. Second, once the invitation is sent via email address provided, each individual learner must accept the invitation. If a learner has never taken an Equipping Online Course, they will need to create a new account (not the same account as Watermark account). Once they have created a new account and logged in, they will have access to the course that they are registered. From there, learners will have the ability to progress through the content on a weekly basis. The week's material will unlock each Thursday, early in the morning.

How much time, per week, does a learner spend on average in the course materials?

If the learner doesn't do the optional reading, about 2 hours a week. Another hour or so if they do the optional reading.

Why does it cost $20 each course per person? Does it cover the cost of the "optional but recommended" book?

The cost of the class does not include the purchase of the book. The book is an optional purchase but is highly recommended for study and discussion within the course. The online course has a cost due to a couple factors. The use of an outside company that provides access to the material, if a participant were to be taking an Equipping Course in live format there is class fee, and then also the financial motivator, "some skin in the game." You can click on the book to take you directly to Amazon where you can purchase the book.

Is the Equipping Online Courses an online version of Equipped Disciple?

The Equipping Online Courses are not the same as Equipped Disciple, they are different equipping courses presented in an online format.

What happens if a learner falls behind in the content?

Each Equipping Online Course has a 7-week window to complete all the content, 100%. If the learner falls behind, they will have access to all the material leading up to the calendar's availability. For example, if the course is currently in its fourth week of content, but a learner has only progressed through 1 or 2 weeks' worth of content, they will have access to all 4 weeks' worth of content, and the learner would need to use the flexibility provided to catch up, within the 7-week window.

Can a learner take more than one course at a time?

Yes, however, each course cost $20. Each learner has the ability to register for one or more courses, but the individual's calendar and discipline to complete the course material is on the individual learner to decide if taking more than one course is appropriate.

Does a learner have to be a member of Watermark Community Church? Does the learner have to be a Christian to participate in an Equipping Online Course?

The courses are welcome to be a resource to equip all people, in all places in their relationship with Christ, from all over the world. We have had people from all over the United States and including some learners from Turkey and Australia participating in these courses.

Can a whole Community Group take a course together?

Yes. Please contact your Community Shepherd and email Registration can be found here.

Can a learner request to be in the same cohort "online course group" with other people that are taking the same Equipping Online Course together?

Please email for more information. Communication of this is necessary, otherwise not guaranteed.