Equipping Online Courses FAQs

Q: Can people take a course any time they want? When do the Equipping Online Courses meet?
A: The format of the courses requires an official start and end time, which means that learners cannot start a course whenever they choose. However, we offer these courses multiple times each year. Since the course is completely online, learners have the flexibility to participate in discussion questions, listen to the material, and view the content at a time and location convenient for them.

Q: Can a whole Community Group take a course together?
A: Yes. Please contact your Community Shepherd and email equippingonline@watermark.org.
Community Group registration can be found here. Individual registration can be found here.

Q: Can a learner request to be in the same cohort (online course group) with other people that are taking the same Equipping Online Course together?
A: Yes. Please email equippingonline@watermark.org the names of those you wish to be grouped with.

Q: How long is each course?
A: There is 6 weeks of content, and each learner has 8 weeks to complete the course.

Q: Is there a specific order to take the Equipping Online Courses?
A: We recommend taking the courses in the listed order, but it is only a recommendation. Pray about and process with your community which order is best for you. Click here for all courses offered.

Q: How does a learner get access to the course material?
A: After registering for an Equipping Online Course, an invitation is emailed to learners the week the course starts. Each person must click “accept” in the email invitation. If learners have never taken a course, they will need to create a Pathwright account, which is not the same as the learners’ Watermark account. Once they have created an account and logged in, they will have access to their course material. New material will unlock each Thursday morning.

Q: What is the average time per week that learners spend on the course material?
A: The required material takes about 2 hours a week to complete. Each course also offers about an hour’s worth of additional, but highly recommended, reading material.

Q: Why do the courses cost $20 per person? Does it include the cost of the recommended book?
A: We use a third-party company for our online platform, so the fee helps cover our overhead costs. We also believe that having “some skin in the game” is a motivator for participants to complete the course. The cost does not include the purchase of the optional book.

Q: Is the Equipping Online Courses an online version of Equipped Disciple?
A: No, the Equipping Online Courses cover different materials.

Q: What happens if a learner falls behind in the content?
A: Each Equipping Online Course has an 8-week window to complete the entire content. If learners fall behind during the 8-week window for the course, they still have access to the material that is available to the cohort. For example, if the course is currently in its fourth week of content but learners have only completed week 2, they still have access to all 4 weeks’ worth of content. Learners have the flexibility to catch up within the 8-week window.

Q: Can learners take more than one course at a time?
A: Yes, but we recommend taking no more than two courses at a time to ensure that learners are able to master the content. If you register for two courses, the cost is still $20 per course.

Q: Do learners have to be Watermark members to participate in an Equipping Online Course? Do learners have to be Christians to participate in an Equipping Online Course?
A: No. The courses are open to everyone. We have had learners from around the world, including Turkey and Australia! We hope that the courses will encourage learners who have not trusted in Christ to explore His claims and to answer the question, “Who do you say I am?”

Q: Will learners have access to the course materials after the 8-week window expires?
A: Learners who do not finish within the 8-week window will no longer have access to the course materials when the window closes. To regain access, they must re-register and pay the course fee again. Learners who complete the entire course will continue to have access to all course materials even when the course window is closed.