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Watermark Kids Dallas Is Back!

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What’s New for Fall 2020?

Great News! Our wonderful volunteer leaders are back in their classrooms where kids will be welcomed and taught about Jesus in a safe and secure environment. Keep scrolling for detailed FAQs. Overall, you can expect the same great experience and health protocols, with a few adjustments and considerations:

  • Registration required (Registration opens Tuesday mornings and closes Friday evenings.)
  • Contactless check-in option is available (Look for team members with yellow shirts near the kiosks or try our new express check-in option)
  • Masks are required for staff, volunteers, etc. Masks are optional for kids
  • Temperature screening for all staff, volunteers, and kids
  • Programming adjusted for social distancing
  • Clean hands and clean classrooms prioritized

We can’t wait to serve your family again. See the FAQ below to find out more about how we are taking new measures to keep Watermark kids, families, leaders, and staff safe and secure.

Need a refresher on where to go when you get here? Check out our list of kids ministry ministry locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is registration required?

We are requiring registration at this time to decrease crowding in classrooms and allow for appropriate distancing between classes during large group times. Registration opens Tuesday mornings and closes Friday evenings. You can find a link to registration each week at

What if I’m registered, but my child is no longer able to attend on Sunday?

Registered families will receive an email on Saturday morning to confirm your registration. If, for any reason, your child is no longer able to attend, you will have the opportunity to cancel your registration. Please take advantage of this capability to open up space for other families who would like to attend.

What happens if registration is full?

Visit the registration page on Saturdays at 12PM to see if any new spots have become available. Still full? We will still offer our weekly coloring sheet and sermon notes page designed specifically for our Watermark Kids to take with them into “big church.” And don’t forget, the Watermark Kids Kit is available online every week for you to lead your family through our weekend curriculum together at home.

What is contactless check-in?

There will be two options to check-in upon arrival:

  1. Go to a kiosk where a volunteer will enter your phone number for you on a touch screen. You will grab your name tag and head to class.

  2. Use the express option. Sign up for this service online at This will allow you to check in your kids using your phone. The app produces a QR code to be scanned at our kiosks to print name tags. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email with this link and instructions on how to check-in using your phone when you register your kids for weekend/midweek ministries.

Why are masks required for teachers, and not for kids?

We are allowing parents to make a decision about whether or not kids (birth through 5th grade) in their family should wear a mask to services at Watermark. We are asking teachers to wear a mask for their protection and to lovingly accommodate families and leaders with this preference.

When might mask requirements for teachers change?

Watermark’s leadership is constantly considering a variety of factors, including state and local orders, best practices in local schools, and recommendations from physicians and medical experts who are members of our local church. While we will continue to require masks for adults in classrooms and in common areas throughout our campus, our preference is to have teachers serving without masks at the earliest date that prudence and wisdom will allow. Although there are advantages to wearing masks at this time, generally, masks slow down our ability to identify people. We also believe masks impede relationship building and hinder communication of emotion through facial expressions. We will keep parents, leaders, and staff informed of any changes in our mask requirements.

Will there be any enhanced hygiene or cleaning procedures?

Clean hands and clean classrooms have always been a priority for Watermark Kids.

As long as we are able, we plan to use different classrooms for each service. The same toys will not be used in consecutive services. We recommend that only one parent enter classroom areas for drop-off and pick-up, and we will ask families not to congregate in hallways or indoor foyers. Extra hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the campus. As usual, preschool classrooms are sanitized between uses, and cleaning protocols are posted in every classroom to guide cleaning procedures. High-touch surfaces (i.e. door handles and cabinets) in our elementary classrooms will be sanitized between uses.

Will there be temperature screening?

Yes. We want to do our best to screen for observable symptoms. As has been our policy for many years, individuals with persistent cough, fever, headache, or sore throat will be asked not to participate in Watermark Kids until they have been fever free (unmedicated) for 24 hours, symptoms have ceased, and at least one week has passed since the start of symptoms.

What adjustments are you making to allow for social distancing?

During our weekend ministries, preschool kids will stay in classrooms for the entire service. For a season, we will suspend gatherings of multiple preschool classrooms in our theater room. All elementary kids will be dropped off in classrooms. For a season, we will suspend the pre-service large group free play for 4th and 5th graders. Elementary classes will gather for large group, but 2nd and 3rd graders will remain separate from 4th and 5th graders. Classes will be kept separate using designated spaces for each small group in assembly rooms.

Midweek Kids Ministry will decrease the amount of transitions from classrooms to other locations (i.e. assembly rooms) for preschool and elementary. Classes will be kept separate using designated spaces for each small group in assembly rooms when gathered for teaching. Multiple classes will be together when using the outdoor playground or assembly rooms for activities. As always, all kids will be dropped off and picked up in individual classrooms.

Will there be notifications in the event of illness?

Families and leaders in individual classes will be notified if we are informed about a positive COVID case in a specific class. This is also true for other illnesses, like flu, HFM, etc.

Are you changing anything about the way you provide snacks?

For preschool and midweek ministries, Goldfish snacks will be served in individual cups by classroom teachers. Kids will be seated with a limit of four to a table to prevent kids from eating or touching each other's snacks. As usual, kids will be given hand sanitizer before snacks are distributed. There will be no snacks provided for elementary kids.

How do I register for Midweek Kids Ministry?

You will register for Midweek Kids Ministry through the ministry event you are attending. For example, if you are attending re:generation on Monday night, you sign up for Midweek Kids Ministry at We are currently only offering Midweek Kids Ministry on Monday and Wednesday evenings.