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Jonah Runs from God

The book of Jonah is more than a parable, more than an allegory. Much more than just a good story for Sunday School, it deserves to be re-examined because it can tell us much about our own reluctance to yield to God's plan for our lives or to share the story of God's love with those who haven't heard it.

Blake HolmesJul 5, 2009
Jonah 1

Messages In This Series (5)
Seven Things That God Loves and That We Should Too
Todd WagnerAug 2, 2009
Jonah Runs against God
Blake HolmesJul 26, 2009
Jonah Runs with God
Blake HolmesJul 19, 2009
Jonah Runs to God
Blake HolmesJul 12, 2009
Jonah Runs from God
Blake HolmesJul 5, 2009

About 'Jonah'

What breaks God's heart? Do you know? Do you care? In this series, we meet Jonah, an 8<sup>th</sup> century B.C. prophet, who was charged by God to care for one of His great concerns: the city of Nineveh. A barbaric people far from God and immersed in pagan tradition, the Ninevites faced certain judgment and destruction. But when God commands Jonah to go to Nineveh to warn them and plead for their repentance, the battle begins. Jonah's journey of running, rebellion, repentance, resentment and return to God is much more than a children's story about a man and a huge fish. It's a powerful lesson on disobedience, God's great mercy for all people and our willingness to love others as God loves them. How willing are you to follow God and love others at all cost? This series on Jonah is a great opportunity for you to explore, study and find out.