Believe: What it Means to Come and Why We Must Go

The 4 Bs

What should be the "One Thing" in our lives? This message begins a 3-part series on the core beliefs of Watermark Community Church. Our mission is to call all people to Believe in Christ, and take steps to Belong to His body, where they will Be trained in truth; and Be strong in ministry. Christ calls all people to Himself; and once we have believed, He calls us to go into the world and call others to belief and faithfulness.

Todd WagnerAug 14, 2005Luke 14:1-32

About 'The 4 Bs'

God's Word calls all people to be complete in their understanding of who Jesus Christ is and in their response to Him. Watermark describes this process with four Bs: Believe, Belong, Be Trained and Be Strong. In this 3-part series, Todd Wagner discusses four steps that are essential if we want to be a church of believers whose lives show an growing conformity to the character of Christ and who are increasingly committed to extending His love to a watching world.