Reflections on Job: The Kind of Friend You WANT to Be in a Time of Crisis

2009 Messages

The great majority of us know someone who is currently facing a crisis. The story of Job and his friends offers us some invaluable insights as to what to do - and just as importantly what NOT to do - as God calls us to love and care for those who are hurting.

Blake HolmesMar 22, 2009

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Patrick BlockerDec 27, 2009
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Todd WagnerDec 24, 2009
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Todd WagnerDec 20, 2009
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Todd Wagner, Dr. William Lane CraigOct 4, 2009
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Todd WagnerSep 13, 2009
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Todd WagnerAug 30, 2009
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Jonathan PokludaAug 16, 2009
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Scott CoyAug 9, 2009
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Todd WagnerAug 2, 2009
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Will PavoneMay 24, 2009
Extraordinary Opportunities for Non-Ordinary Women
Todd WagnerMay 10, 2009
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John CoxMay 3, 2009
The Foundation for Biblical Parenting
Kyle KaiglerApr 26, 2009
It Wouldn't Have Mattered
Todd WagnerApr 12, 2009
Compelling Stuff. Do You Have It?
Todd WagnerApr 5, 2009
Reflections on Job: The Kind of Friend You WANT to Be in a Time of Crisis
Blake HolmesMar 22, 2009
Don't Jack Around Like Jacob. Learn to Love God and Love Others.
Todd WagnerMar 15, 2009
Last Words are the Best Words to Determine Things of First Importance: How to Live 2009 Without Regrets
Todd WagnerJan 4, 2009

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