Level Up: Follow Up

Level Up

Austin MankinSep 26, 2021Dallas

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Level Up: Follow Up
Austin MankinSep 26, 2021Dallas
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Cooper McCulloughSep 19, 2021Dallas
Level Up: Step Up
Austin MankinSep 12, 2021Dallas

Discussion Questions

  1. Who are people with authority in your life? *(parents, coaches, teachers, etc.)

  2. Why is it hard to do everything they tell you to do?

  3. Read Romans 13:1-2: How does that make you feel to know that God has established every authority over you, even those you disagree with? How does showing disrespect towards authority figures in our life actually be disrespectful to God?

  4. Do you believe that being under authority gives you more freedom or less? Why?

  5. Read Matthew 26:39: How did Jesus respond to the authority of his Father? *Sometimes obeying authority can seem hard, awkward, or painful at times.

  6. Read 1 Peter 2:13-17: What is the purpose of obeying authoirty? (v. 14-15) How can you show more respect to leaders in your life? *(v. 17)

  7. What is one way you can show appreciation for your leaders this week?

About 'Level Up'

The goal of this series is to discuss how students can take their faith to the next level and be all that God has called them to be. It can be easy for teenagers to go through the motions of their faith and not take Jesus seriously. Our hope is to teach students how to stand out as leaders, not blend into culture.