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My Purpose

As we closed our series, When I Grow Up, we focused on the last piece of our mission, My Purpose. God doesn't want you to wonder why you're alive or what you're alive for. Nor does God want you to waste your life. My Purpose is to know God and make Him known.

Graham ShelbySep 16, 2021Dallas

In This Series (3)
My Purpose
Graham ShelbySep 16, 2021Dallas
My Place
Graham ShelbySep 9, 2021Dallas
My People
Graham ShelbySep 2, 2021Dallas

About 'When I Grow Up'

For most of our lives, we dream about our futures. We create these images of who we might be as we grow up, the house we will live in, the job we will have, families, etc. While most of the things we dream about are inherently good things, they're transient, they change so often. Our hope is that through this series, students might consider three unchanging priorities that will help them thrive as they continue to grow into the person God has created them to be. My People. My Place. My Purpose.